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Pine Marten Pair

Monday, March 18th, 2013


  A Pine Marten, martes americana, in a bound (a fast sprint using four legs).  Two Marten trails wove in and out of each other through the alpine wilderness near Tahoe , California. The distance between their trails would widen and narrow, and at times speed up or slow down in relation to what I assumed was  the plentiful population of Douglas Squirrel that frequented the forest area.  One trail held footprints slightly larger than the other, which led me to assume I was following a male and female of the species in the process of acquiring sustenance not only for themselves but for a soon to be embryo, young that would join their wild family sometime this month or in April.

 In the background you can a second Marten trail intersecting it’s companion’s, along with some Douglas Squirrel tracks, likely the sumptuous dinner they feasted on that winter day.   

   A “sitzmark”, where an animal lands in a deep substrate from a height , causing it’s body to register more than just  feet.  In this case a small pine tree, no doubt harboring a terrified squirrel, was the object from which the Marten returned to the ground.  Notice the impression of the belly, neck and what appears to be muzzle in this photo.     

  The enormous leaps of a Long-tailed weasel trail looks surprisingly similar to that of its tree-bound cousin, only mini.      


Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Grayfoxtracking entry! Thanks for checking us out! peace, daniel
Here are some tracks i found  two summers ago  at the Francis Carter Preserve in Charlestown, RI. I am still trying to figure them out after all this time. They were on a sandy power line road that cut through a Pitch Pine/Oak forest. There were not any significant water bodies nearby. At first i looked at them and thought “eastern cottontail”, but if you study the gait it’s kind of weird. The bound lengths were irregular and the foot placement in the bound patterns were also irregular. Neither of these characteristics would commonly point to rabbit. I’ve asked others about it but haven’t gotten an answer. Let me know if you have any ideas.!! The battery is a AA for size comparison.