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Falco Peregrinus

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

I got stranded in Cincinnati, Ohio a few weeks ago while on a trip cross-country.

Turned out to be a rather delightful day roaming the beautiful city. My first time there.

Spotted a Peregrine Falcon, falco peregrinus, hunting over the top of this impressive building.

Likely, it nests on an eave somewhere atop the massive construction.

Down on the lawn ( The building is a Proctor & Gamble office I found out) I stood staring at a pile of pigeon feathers in the grass.

Falcons are bird hunters. They often prey on the local pigeon population if they reside in a metropolitan area such as this one.

I looked for beak marks on the quills of the pigeon feathers where the falcon plucked them out of the dead animal before consuming it, but couldn’t find any.

Amazing creatures.