bear trails

a walk in the snow

The walking trail of a black bear (ursus americanus) near Yuba Pass, one of the passes over the sierra that highway 49 uses.  This particular trail was less than forty five minutes old, likely minutes old. Sun was melting the snow pretty fast that day and these tracks were crisp. Plus he walked right on top of my trail that i had made forty five minutes earlier.

It was a stunning walk. All the snow reflecting the light like some kind of brilliantly lit lab room. I walked in the slush for a few miles out then turned around and came back the way i came only to find the sign of this wandering omnivore. He broke into a run just a few feet up from the photo above. I was singing pretty loudly on my return walk and i wondered if that is what scared him. I am saying him just cause of the size of the tracks. Not actually sure of the sex.

little one

Here’s a smaller one that crossed the trail earlier on my walk. That’s an AA¬†battery for size comparison. I wonder how old this guy was and why he/she was alone.

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  1. Dan says:

    I wonder if anyone reads this stuff.

  2. Amalia Pretel says:

    I just found this by googling the word foxtracking – and saw your website fairly quickly.

    I find the narrative, photos and enthusiasm appealing and inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing and educating me!!

  3. Amalia Pretel says:

    Wait a minute – June and it’s snowing!!!!

  4. Amalia Pretel says:

    grayfoxtracking came up third or fourth on the first page when googled!!

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